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Beware of CBD Products Refined from “Seeds, Stems and Stalks.”

Beware of CBD Products Refined from “Seeds, Stems and Stalks.”

Beware of CBD Products Refined from “Seeds, Stems and Stalks.”

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Because Real CBD is not! And it’s CRITICAL the customer understands that!

Some internet sites and stores are selling their “supposed” CBD brands which only allow “hemp products refined from seeds stalks and stems.” And these companies are trying to pass these products off as rich in CBD. Yet, they are not!

How do we know that? Because the cannabinoids in the plant simply aren’t contained in high amounts in the seeds, stalks or stems. And certainly not in the roots either. Think about hemp’s “cousin”, the marijuana plant. Do you know of any dispensaries offering stalks for smoking? Do they call folks who work in marijuana dispensaries “stalk-tenders”?

Of course not! That’s because cannabinoids are mostly contained in the AERIAL parts of the plant…think leaves, flowers and buds.

At CBD Relief Authority, we only carry CBD derived from the aerial parts of the plant. All of our products are grown and processed right here in the United States. Unlike other companies that simply import CBD oil or powdered isolate from foreign countries such as China or Romania, we believe that maintaining the all-important chain of custody on our CBD products, from seed to the final consumer is of critical importance to providing an exceptional quality product to both people and pets.

But we also believe in corporate responsibility. Our “Earth First” approach means we never carry products that use pesticides or harmful chemicals in growing or processing. We offer products with organic, non-GMO, Vegan ingredients that are packaged in fully recyclable materials.

We always say our products are better. Where it’s refined from is a big part of the reason why. And if you were unaware of all of this before reading this, now you can join those that are “in the know”.

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